How Does Our Voting/Awards Work?

Every registered car recieves a packet when they enter the show grounds. In the packet is a practice voting card where registered car owners are able to choose up to 50 cars to vote for. On Sunday morning/afternoon, voters come together with their list of chosen cars and transfer those numbers onto an official voting ballot. Those ballots are then put into a machine and calculated from there. Then, awards are given based on which cars got the most votes.

-Awards are NOT given based on any influence from our club members or show committee. If club members or show committee members win awards, it is strictly based on what cars participants voted for.-

Who Do I Go to For Help?

Show Committee members are all wearing bright orange polo shirts. Although each member has their own specific role in the show, we can help guide you to get the help you need.

How Runs The Show?

Volunteers! Our entire show committee is comprised of volunteers. Each committee member spends the entire year involved with the creation of our show in different ways. They don't just volunteer for the weekend of the show. So, you can show your appreciation to our wonderful volunteers by being patient and kind during the duration of the show as they are trying their best to make the Indian Uprising an enjoyable experiece for everyone. Every year the show committee reflects on how the past year's show went and how they can make it even better based on the comments and suggestions they received from participants and spectators. If you have a suggestion or comment, please refer to our "contact us" page and locate the committee member associated with your question/suggestion.